Events and Achievements

Enactus National Symposium Champion 2020

Enactus Hansraj, for the first time since its inception in 2012, stood as winners of the Enactus National Championship 2020.


Enactus National Competitions organised by Enactus India aims to bring positive energy and impact for people, planet and prosperity to life. Every year, over 80 teams from all over India come together to celebrate the change and impact that they have been able to create in our communities. 

The Enactus World Cup

The Enactus World Cup was held on an online platform where national champion teams from all around the globe participated to showcase the diverse impact they created through their ventures. Enactus Hansraj, adjudged as the National winner for the first time, reached the Finals of the Enactus world cup. Representing India for the first time ever,we emerged in the Top 4 teams amongst 32 competing nations. After being internationally recognized, we are more motivated than ever before to multiply our impact both environmentally and socially, and positively influence people’s lives all over the country.


A unique social B-plan that aims to encourage young thinkers and innovators to transform into responsible entrepreneurs with a head for business and a heart for the world. It provides the individuals with a platform to showcase their analytical and problem-solving acumen to a panel of esteemed judges. The event motivates the participants to develop a holistic approach to worldly issues and create a sustainable and empowered world for us to live in.


Sociocast is Enactus Hansraj’s very first podcast series to discuss, deliberate and debate on the unprecedented impact that the ongoing pandemic has on various sectors in the nation.

Over the course of 5 exhilarating episodes, we have assessed the impact of the novel Coronavirus on various sectors and industries, with renowned experts on board. Unlike the traditional webinars, the aim of this podcast is to resolve the uncertainty that is in the air in terms of what the future holds, and address the queries put forward to us by various stakeholders of the concerned sectors. We’ve addressed topics ranging from ‘Mental health’ to ‘finance and banking’. Our podcast is available on Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, Anchor, Audiomack and Pocket cast.